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Repro Arts print Point of Sale onto Versamount

14 May 2009

New Versamount eliminates lifting and peeling on sub-straight printing.

Repro Arts have many years experience of wide format digital printing, both reel to reel and direct to sub straight in full colour; producing a wide and varied array of promotional point of sale.

To improve the service and the versatility of their product range Repro Arts sourced a sub straight that would bridge the gap between flexible and rigid panels.  This has been found in a material known as Versamount.  This material can be coiled, but when uncoiled can be rigid.

Repro Arts have spent several months looking at the implications of printing direct to this material.  This would eliminate the need to mount prints onto this material and the obvious chance of the prints splitting when coiled or lifting and peeling off.

Printing direct to the face of the Versamount has now been perfected.  Printing in vibrant full colour to a high quality has opened up a wide range of possibilities for this product.  This has been further enhanced with inline profile cutting that has now given even more flexibility to this versatile product.

Panels can be used flat, wall mounted, can curve around posts; as well as having the ability of being used as a backdrop or post wrap. Versamount is a new exciting product, which will enhance point of sale campaigns on a national basis.