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AVAYA INDeX – Where is it now?

24 September 2018

Still going strong and loved by its many (but much diminished) customer base.

Amazingly, we are still taking orders for new customers from both commercial and public services. We recently installed a new system into a college from a principal who historically loved the product and also (as is common in the education sector) had little money available.  

If you ever followed the TV programme “New Tricks” we are the UCOS of the telecom industry.  All of us,  staff and engineers are somewhat aged which means that we have old fashioned ethics and know our product inside out and backwards. We are honest and open and charge only a fraction for maintenance contracts because spare parts only cost 10% of what they did 30 years ago and therefore we do not need to exploit our customers.

We have some massive contracts in London and even maintain fully a large airport in Southern England.  Although we are one of the largest holders of 2nd user AVAYA INDeX equipment in the UK, we still offer Cloud products, fibre, broadband etc.

Historically we have supplied INDeX equipment to Poland, Spain, France and Croatia, although this has been in small quantities.  Now however, we are supplying in bulk to West Africa.  This has necessitated us offering instant online support and programming.  We are also developing a training support package for both our clients’ customers and their engineers, together with spares packs.  This has now pushed us into offering similar packs and maintenance services to companies in this country.

If BREXIT ends up as a NO DEAL, almost every system in the UK imports from abroad – BUT NOT INDeX.  All of a sudden this aged but still SUPERB system could become a viable option again.  This would also benefit start up companies that require a fully functional system at a very low cost.

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