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Informative and directional signs look like a work of art

15 May 2009

Fairfield Displays & Lighting has just launched a complete new range of acrylic signs that could be considered works of art.

The established concept for hanging signs was to essentially navigate visitors around a building or denote a specific area. This has been presented through the years by selecting various colours to highlight departments/areas or by using different shapes and sizes of materials to make the sign prominent. Because the signs needed to be informative in the past, individual directional signs where made in a single colour as a full colour option with attractive logos or symbols was just too costly.

However, nowadays the above methods have significantly evolved with the advancement in digital printing which can generate amazing effects to an extensive range of materials or create a fantastic overall ‘arty’ tone to a hanging or wall mounted sign.

Along with the use of vinyl lettering, the development of digital printing has now made it possible to create full colour signs on an individual basis further enhancing materials such as acrylic in an economical way. More importantly, allowing a spectrum of creativity with all types of projects. Just imagine the full colour floating logo panels for example printed on both sides as a directional message in a building. All that is needed is a good quality image; the rest they say is easy. Translucent effects can be achieved by printing onto clear vinyl, or alternatively the customer can select frosted acrylic to create a really soft luxurious effect.

Another advantage of using digital printing is that an exact pantone colour can easily be matched to a corporate style making it an ideal solution to creating low volume custom designed signs.

Fairfield Displays & Lighting has developed an entire range of fittings that enables signs to be wall mounted, suspended from the ceiling, or fitted into free standing units.  The components have been designed not only to be extremely functional, but also to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  The combination of the new digital printing with the extremely eye catching components has literally transformed the appearance of signage to a new level.

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