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TOMPS release new water clear Epoxy Resin system

20 May 2009

TOMPS have developed the new Volumetrically measured two-part water clear Eopxy Resin system over the past few months for use in different applications.

Essentially the UV stable cured product will encapsulate objects, simulate water in vases for silk flower arranging and provide excellent Diorama Water Effects.

"We are running tests at present for its compatability for use with Carbon Fibre Twills and Cloths for decorative automotive mouldings and also as a protective coating to a number of surfaces including wood", says TOMPS Managing Director Nick Maguire.

He added, "It really is a wonderful product, which is simple to use and easy to measure with excellent properties. We have had field tests completed by customers from one or two markets and the feedback we have received is excellent. It has now gone to market via our website, however we feel the product itself will find new homes in different industries. We offer the system in 1:1 and 2:1 varieties, each with unique properties."

The system is available to business and consumers in kit sizes starting from 1kg upwards.

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