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Rittals' new Pick-and-Mix Horizontal Bus-Based System Housings

22 May 2009

A new concept in VME64x and CompactPCI rack-mounted system design is now available from Rittal in the form of a set of horizontally cooled housings.

Assembled from a selection of backplane(s), power supplies, rear I/O, HDD and monitoring via a pick-and-mix process,   the housings are able to accommodate two system slots per U of height (44.45mm). 

The basic 300mm deep Slim-Box Vario enclosure is available in 1, 2, 3 and 4U heights and includes a slide-out fan tray.  Accommodation for 2x6U plug-in boards, front and rear per U of height is also provided (3U board accommodation is possible).  EMC prepared, the Slim-Box Vario has a variety of optional panels to close off unused sections to maintain electromagnetic compatibility.

Backplanes for the systems include VME64x, CompactPCI, cPCI Express and power backplanes to enable plug-in power to be fully utilised and provide a modular approach to the internal wiring.  Power supplies available include plug-in CompactPCI, plug-in VME or open frame ATX.  Holders are available to enable Hard Drives and slim CD-ROM drives to be housed within the unit as well as monitor boards for temperature, fan speed and power, complete with external interfaces.   This new pick-and-mix concept maximises flexibility and provides a rapid and cost-effective answer to horizontally cooled housings.

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