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26 May 2009

Francais Connexion Gel is another innovation from Elmien Scholtz, founder of Bio Sculpture Gel.

The gel is the latest addition to the Bio Sculpture range of non-flexible sculpting gels. The French Connection Gel does exactly the same as the Free Edge Gel, which offers a much stronger and more rigid Gel Extension, however, the French Connection Gel is a brighter white colour leaving the free edge ready for a French finish.

Creating Sculptures with these two gels is the latest and quickest method of creating strong solid sculptures with a natural or white finish. By introducing the French Connection Gel, two choices are now available when creating sculptures, the Free Edge Gel gives a natural finish and the French Connection Gel gives a brighter white finish.

The NEW Bio Sculpture French Connection Gel is available in 4g, 10g and 25g.

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