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Traka Alcolock Key Management meets safety obligations with compulsory breath testing

27 May 2009

Alcohol breath testing is a serious business requiring a clear and rigorously enforced policy.

Achieving this goal is simplified by making the process of breath testing part of the overall key management system.

Trakas' intelligent key management system now offers compulsory alcohol testing as an option, restricting access to keys until the user has passed a breath test. Using the Home Office-approved GB Alcolock 500 tester, the Traka system will ensure drivers or operatives of any piece of potentially hazardous equipment must pass a breath test before keys can be withdrawn. Testing can be compulsory for every user or set to test a random sample of users. An extremely cost-effective method of ensuring staff are safe to drive or use equipment, it enables an organisation to fulfil its duty of care both to employees and the public.

Initial access to the Traka cabinet is restricted to authorised users, ensuring only designated staff have access to vehicles or equipment. Once the Traka cabinet has been opened, using PIN, access card or biometrics readers ) the user can select the required key but, before it is released, he or she will be required to blow into the Alcolock. Just a five-second blow will confirm a Pass or a Fail: passing will release the key, whilst failure will lock it into place and log the user’s name on the Traka database.

“The Alcolock option is another example of how features can be added to the Traka system to expand its uses,” comments John Kent, managing director of Traka. “The system is so versatile that it really can be adapted to almost any requirements and this fact is supported by the range of different sectors now using Traka.”

The breath-testing option is currently being used by fleet and delivery vehicle managers; bus, coach and public service vehicle companies; distribution centres with fork lift trucks; sites with industrial plant vehicles such as excavators, dumper trucks and cranes and firearms and weaponry establishments. Put simply, any environment where dangerous or hazardous equipment is used would benefit from the Traka system with Alcolock.

Since its' inception, the Traka system has gone from strength to strength and is now in use all over the world. Trakas' iFob – or ‘silver bullet’ – is at the heart of the systems' success. Each iFob has a chip that gives its' key a unique electronic ID, as well as a tamper-proof seal ensuring the key is permanently attached. Each iFob is allocated a specific port within the Traka cabinet, from which it can only be released by authorised users.

The Traka32 software, which controls the system, allows access only to designated personnel and can record, not just who uses a key and when, but also data on vehicle mileage, location and faults or repairs needed. Its range of features is extensive and can be tailored to almost any key management situation. In-depth management information can also be extracted from the system to analyse particular factors in detail.

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