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Brexit Fiasco and Avaya Index

25 January 2019

What Now?

The INDeX telephone system is still going strong and loved by its many (but much diminished) customer base.

Amazingly, we are still taking orders for new customers from both commercial and public services. We recently installed a new system into a college from a principal who historically loved the product and also (as is common in the education sector) had little money available.  
If BREXIT ends up as a NO DEAL, as almost every system in the UK is imported from abroad, spare parts could be a problem – BUT NOT INDeX.  All of a sudden this aged but still SUPERB system could become a viable option again.  This would also benefit start-up companies that require a fully functional system at a very low cost.

One of the major costs of a telephone installation is the cabling.  If for example your new system breaks down and your maintainer is having trouble getting parts (maintainers do not carry large stocks of spare parts), you could always install an INDeX system alongside until parts arrive.

COST – a 100 handset system including installation costs would probably cost LESS than £2000.

If you were a new company or site and needed a small system  - say 20 handsets, this would probably COST less than £500. This would be for a 20 handset system with an additional installation cost of about £200.

As you can see, we are not talking huge figures for a beautiful, fully functional refurbished and guaranteed telephone system, quickly and professionally installed.

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