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Vulcascot launch HDCP1 heavy duty Cable Protector

08 June 2009

In fact, when it comes to protecting large diameter power cables and pipes, nothing is larger or stronger than the recent mammoth addition to the Vulcascot cable protection range.

There is no mistaking this new solid rubber cable protector which is produced to the same rigorous standards as the Vulcascot Temporary Traffic Calming range but instead of high visibility side stripes, the HDCP 1 features an easily spottable yellow hinged top section. These rugged metre long inter locking sections, can be seen from a short distance giving drivers of multi wheeled articulated lorries ample time to curb their speed in confined or congested flat roadways.

Although primarily designed to protect across road cables and pipes, the HDCP 1 is also the ultimate weapon in restricting speed.

This is the monster in the Vulcascot cable protector range, the most extensive collection of profiles in production today. There are 3 large 55mm x 65mm cavities to each metre long interlocking section which,  at 29 kilos in weight, can easily be manoeuvred into place with the option of free laying if the application allows or, permanently bolting into place using the holes provided.

The HDCP 1 is built to last thanks entirely to its rugged design and extraordinary manufacturing standards, both of which enables this very tough product to withstand constant and continuous traffic pounding. This massive new profile has had been rigorously tested for use with axle loads up to 6000 kilos.

Two products in one, the HDCP 1 compliments the large selection of Industrial cable protectors within the Vulcascot range.

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