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IMPAC Infrared Launch new range of Thermal Imaging Cameras

08 June 2009

IMPAC Infrared now has a complete range of Portable and Fixed Thermal Imaging Cameras and probably one of the most comprehensive available from any supplier.

The entry Level MikroSHOT camera is one of the smallest cameras available on the market and is packed with features including a 160 x 120 pixel array detector which outperforms other low cost cameras and has other features normally found on cameras costing significantly more.

It has an integral visual camera and it is also possible to measure temperatures on the visual image which is an industry first. The range continues with the M7000 series where there is a wide choice of features enabling the user to select the best camera to suit the application and budget. Frame rates upto 60Hz are available without the need to wait for export licences.

For the professional users the M7600 Pro cameras offer the state of the art technology and performance with all the features needed to produce professional thermographic reports.

This series is complemented by the M7604 dual waveband camera. This industry first camera has the additional feature of a second waveband. Not only does it have the standard 8-14µm waveband for general thermal imaging, but the customer can specify a second waveband of either 3.9µm or 5µm. The 3.9µm waveband is particularly suited to furnace measurements since this waveband is an “atmospheric window” where the camera can see through the products of combustion. The 5µm waveband is used for surface temperature measurement of hot glass.

To complete the portable camera range, the M7640 camera is a high performance 640 x 480 pixel array camera giving unparalleled image quality and temperature resolution.

In addition to the portable cameras, IMPAC also have a comprehensive range of cameras for on-line applications. The cameras are available with selected wavebands to suit almost every application. A selection of housings is available to provide protection for the cameras in any industrial environment. To complement the cameras a comprehensive software suite is available to provide the user with exactly the data required, whether for monitoring or process control.

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