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Thorworld Yard Ramp eases the load for Lely (UK)

09 June 2009

Turf care equipment manufacturers Lely had specified a bespoke yard ramp from Thorworld for loading grass cutting machines onto low-loaders.

The Yard Ramp, at 12.2m long and with a 7,000kg capacity, was built to a special usable width of 2,65mm to simplify the loading of the imported Toro and Yanmar commercial grass cutters onto beaver-tailed low-loaders for delivery to customers. Thorworlds' design engineers modified the ramps' loading lip so that the rear of the low-loader can reach right underneath the front of the ramp, allowing speedy access to the vehicles' floor.

The grass cutting machines are driven up the ramp, with up to four being placed on each low-loader. The ramp replaced a 30-year old version which was unsuitable for working with modern low-loaders.

Transport manager for Lely, Kevin Morgan, said; "The ramp has made us much more efficient as we can now load the low-loaders faster and with greater ease. I was impressed with the technical expertise shown by Thorworlds' distributor, Charles Tetlow, and the Thorworld engineers who worked closely with us on the project."

The ramp is located outdoors close to a 15,000kg capacity Thorworld model installed a few years ago. It is used for the unloading of incoming grass cutting machines from containers and was also made to Lelys' requirements in a usable width of 2,65mm. Lely converted the 12.2m long ramp from hydraulic pump to three-phase electric operation to achieve even faster raising and lowering.

Conventional Thorworld ramps are available as Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe (light, medium and heavy duty) models, with 6,000kg, 7,000kg, 10,000kg, 12,000kg or 15,000kg capacities and in lengths  from 11 to 12.2 metres. Ruggedly built of solid beam construction, they have a serrated open grid deck for positive traction in all weathers, and are ideal for fast and efficient loading and unloading of vehicle trailers by fork truck, particularly where there is no raised loading dock.

The Super Deluxe/Recycling Ramp is available in both 12 and 15 tonne capacities and they are ideal for heavy duty applications, typically on a consistent three-shift operation, in the most rigorous working environments such as the recycling industry.

The Deluxe Ramp is available in a 10 tonne capacity and is ideally suited for medium duty applications, such as continual use on a single shift basis.

The Standard Ramp is available in 6, 7 and 10 tonne capacities, which are suitable for light duty applications where the ramp may only be in use up to 3-4 times a day.

A hand operated hydraulic pump quickly raises the ramp to the required height and they are equipped as standard with 1.8 metres of safety chain on each side for securing the ramp to the truck or loading dock. CE marked, they fully conform to all European quality and safety standards and legislation. And, if necessary, they can be quickly and easily moved to a different location.

Bespoke models can be supplied to meet individual requirements and a comprehensive service and maintenance back-up facility is available to help ensure that the ramps are always kept in top condition. A ramp rental facility is also provided through the companys' RentARamp operation, with a sale or return option

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