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Thorworld adds 6 tonne capacity Mobile Yard Ramp to range

09 June 2009

Measuring 10.9m long with a usable width of 2.24m, Thorworld launched the new Mobile Yard Ramp in response to customer requests for a more lightweight yard ramp available at an economy price.

The latest addition becomes the smallest model in Thorworlds' Standard Ramp range, which now covers 6, 7 and 10 tonne capacity versions. All three Standard Ramps are intended for light duty applications and are ideal for the fast and efficient loading and unloading of vehicle trailers and containers by fork truck, particularly where there is no raised loading dock.

Ruggedly built of solid beam construction, they have a serrated open grid deck for positive traction in all weathers and, if required, they can be quickly and easily moved to a different location. A hand-operated hydraulic pump quickly raises them to the required height and they are equipped as standard with 1.8m of safety chain on each side for securing to the truck or loading dock.

They are CE marked and conform to all European quality and safety standards and legislation. The new Standard light duty model now joins others in Thorworlds' market-leading line-up of steel mobile container loading ramps of varying capacities.

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