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Kubota dismantles retail outlets at Waterloo

10 June 2009

A worksite version of Kubotas' all-terrain utility vehicle, the RTV900, was used by civil engineering & building contractors, J Murphy & Sons as part of the automatic ticket gate enablement works.

The Kubota removed waste material from the 12 shops which were demolished along the entrances to the stations' 19 platforms, and delivered materials needed in the subsequent hoarding work. To increase the space provided by the vehicles' hydraulically-tipped rear cargo box, which measures 1.32m wide x 1.18m long x 0.29m deep and has a load capacity of 500kg, Murphy added an open trailer measuring 3m long x 2m wide.

The vehicles' operating hours were strictly restricted to between midnight and 5.00 am when there were no trains running and the usually busy concourse was empty of passengers. After being loaded with waste material, such as timber, plasterboard, glass panels and old electrical and kitchen equipment, the 925kg Kubota towed the trailer across the concourse to a compound outside the station. As well as delivering materials needed for the hoarding work, the vehicle carried tools and equipment such as mobile generators.

Murphy's site agent Paul O'Connor said; "The Kubota RTV900 was ideal for this job as there is a 2 tonne weight limit for vehicles using the concourse, which is built over a series of arches. Also, its wide profile tyres did not leave any marks on the polished concours surface, even when pulling a full load."

The RTV900 was supplied by Kubota dealer Shellplant, of Earls Barton, Northampton.

Shellplant partner Julian Payne said: "We are used to supplying Murphy's with Kubota mini excavators for construction work, and are delighted that the utility vehicle has proved to be the perfect machine for their contract at Waterloo."

It is powered by a Kubota 22hp three cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, easily accessible for servicing, and features a unique three-range variable hydrostatic transmission system. The system is actuated by a single foot pedal that gives infinitely variable forward and reverse travel with a maximum speed of 25mph.

Other features include hydrostatic power steering and fully-enclosed oil-immersed disc brakes at the front and rear which eliminate the risk of dirt contamination and premature wear and tear. Suitable for both people-carrying and load movement, the vehicle comes with either a bench seat or individual seating, both types suitable for two large adults held safely in place by side grab rails and seat belts.

Kubota is the UK, European and world leader in mini excavators and provides the widest range of machines available from a single manufacturer. Customers can select from 19 base models spanning the weight range from 850kg to 8 tonnes and including the largest selection of highly versatile zero tail swing machines.

In 2005 Kubota became the first and is still the only mini excavator manufacturer to offer a complete security system as standard equipment on its machines. Now the company has raised the standard even further with the introduction of its newly upgraded 'ANTI-THEFT PLUS' security system, which has also gained the certification of Thatcham, the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre.

It is the first construction equipment security system integrated into machines when they are built to achieve Thatcham endorsement. The coveted certification is recognised by insurers and should result in substantial discounts on premiums for users of Kubota mini excavators. 'ANTI-THEFT PLUS' is now fitted as standard to all new Kubota machines, in the UK and Ireland, from 1.5 to 8 tonnes.

Kubota also outstripped its competitors with the recent announcement that all its new machines, in the UK and Ireland, will now carry a full 3 year warranty as standard. Typically most other manufacturers currently offer a maximum 2 year standard warranty period.

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