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Get - a - Grip Ladder Safety Campaign

15 April 2019

Ladder Training

GET A GRIP This ladder safety campaign is sponsored by The Ladder Association, in partnership with ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

Together we are promoting the safe use of ladders and stepladders at work and at home - reducing avoidable accidents and keeping you and your family safe.

Key Tips: 1. THINK - Is it right to use a ladder? Ladders can be a sensible and practical choice for low risk AND short duration tasks (that are expected to take no longer than 30 minutes)

2. SELECT - The right Ladder. Does your Ladder meet the new (or previous EN131 standards? Plus, choose the type of ladder best suited to your specific task (ie stepladder, extension ladder, roof ladder).

3. CHECK - Is the Ladder safe to use? Check all rungs, stiles, tread, feet, platforms, locking bars and fixings are in good condition (not bent, damaged, worn or missing). If the ladder's dirty, clean it - damage can be hidden beneath the dirt. Dont take any risks! Whether you're a regular or occasional ladder user, do you really know how to use them safely?

Ladder Training is for everyone - our courses cover when its right to use a ladder (and when it's not), which Ladder to use, storage, inspection, hazards and importantly, your legal obligations! When you complete a Ladder

Association training course, you'll be awarded a LadderCard which, for businesses, can help you prove competence as required by the Work at Height Regulations. If its right to use a ladder, use the right ladder and get trained to use it safely! For ladder safety checklists and in-depth guidance at your fingertips... Download our free app:

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