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"Phoenix" Touchmaster rises from Mediatheme "ashes"

11 June 2009

In November 2008, George Watson, Touchmasters' Sales Director, Mick Robson, Touchmasters' Technical Director and Gareth Stamp, Touchmasters' Graphic Designer, were all made redundant by their previous employers, Mediatheme.

Rather than seeing just doom and gloom, the trio saw an immediate gaping hole in the pub market for a more relevant, superior, and much less expensive touch screen multi entertainment system. Then followed Touchmaster, the pub touchscreen multi-entertainment system, designed specificaly to increase wet sales and increase turnover.

Touchmaster is the publicans friend. The objective was clear in that the system would have to be better than the market leader, which was an easy goal to achieve, as Technical Director Mick had pretty much invented the concept 5 years previously, and designed the previous companys' system.

The other prerequisite was that, Touchmaster would not merely rely on leasing this fantastic sytem to the publican, offering a very cost effective rental option, at least £20 per week less expensive than the nearest rival, Which reassuringly is a short rolling 12 month contract, which comes complete with free monthly content updates, and  a full no fuss waranty. 

We also understand that educating the publican not only in how to use the system but to profit from it, go hand in hand. At Touchmaster, we fully understand that a happy, contented and profitable venue will in all certainty want to hold on to this phenemonal system after the initial 12 month period, which of course is a win win situation for all concerned.

The Touchmaster is a multi entertainment touch screen system, which is installed into a pubs existing amp, speaker, TV and screen systems. Any venue which is paying for entertainment on a weekly or fortnightly basis would  benefit enormously from swapping their host-based, paid-for entertainment to the Touchmaster - which is so simple to use it does not require a paid-for host.

For only £79 per week, (12 month rental), the venue gets 10 top quality professional features. Which ensures not only the venue has organised entertainment, but they also have the luxury of doing impromptu entertainment, all at the touch of a screen.

How many times have you booked way in advance, for say a karaoke host, only to find that on the night of the event, for what ever reason the venue is empty, with of course the entertainer still needing paid.

With the Touchmaster those days are over.

You now have complete and instant flexibility over when you put on an event. Furthermore, when your venue is busy and you want to keep your customers from going elsewhere, simply select a feature from the Touchmaster and the chances are they won't want to move on.

It is the only system on the market which is automated, which means the publican / bar staff can be pulling pints whilst the touchmaster entertains.


DJ Master - Is a profesional automated music format which allows the publican to create / save / play his own music playlists. There are in excess of 7500 audio tracks on system, and of course these are updated on a monthly basis - at no cost. This features comes into it's own during an event ie Karaoke / Racing / Bingo / Quiz etc as between races / karaoke songs etc the DJ Master will automatically kick in, ensuring your high octane atmosphere is always maintained. We even supply pre loaded play lists with the sytem. Using the DJ Master in conjunction with, say Karaoke, gives you a Karaoke / Disco event.

Karaoke - The Touchmaster professional karaoke platform has in excess of 4500 songs on system. It has been designed to allow any member of staff to instantly  become the host with the most. It really is idiot proof! And remember between karaoke singers the DJ Master automatically fills in as a Disco, so no periods of silence.

Quiz - Our Multiple Choice Quiz, has tens of thousands of  questions. The multiple choice nature of the quiz allows each person in the venue to have a go , even if they don't know the answer. We at Touchmaster see the multiple choice nature of the pub quiz as an absolute essential.

Raffle - The venue can now utilise their plasmas to do a raffle draw on screen, which without doubt adds another dimension to your big draw.

Spin The Bottle - Is a promotional game which allows the publican to insert any prize into a raffle based game. Some pubs will give a raffle ticket out for every drink bought, and every 30 minutes do a raffle draw on their plasma screens, this ensures customers stay in the venue longer which in turn increases wet sales.

Bingo - The Professional Bingo platform has been incorporated into the system to allow the publican to take advantage of the recent law change which allows pubs to play bingo for cash. As well as having superb graphics, the professional bingo platform is fully automated, and the numbers are not only shown on the venue's plasma screens but the numbers are called out automaticaly also. You can even vary the speed at which the numbers are called / shown.

Lucky Keys - This is a traditional game which has been brought to life with fantastic video quality graphics. The concept being there are 12 keys and one treasure chest, the winner of the raffle gets to choose a key -  if the key fits the treasure chest the customer wins the prize , if not, that key is spent,  another raffle draw is made, (typically the following week) and this continues untill a winner is found. Traditionally this is a roll over game which generates extra wet sales on the night of the raffle draw. The publican chooses what the prize is, and of course this is relayed round all of the venue's plasma screens.

Racing - professional quality horse and dog racing, (real race videos) allows the publican to stage a top quality charity race night. There is no working out odds/charity take etc the sytem works out everything. This features guarantees a high octane night, and of course the DJ Master will automatically come back in at the end of each race, which means the great atmosphere is effortlessly maintained, with great party music.

Chalkboard - Is an advertising platform which allows the venue to utilise their plasma screens throughout the day, showing their very own adverts. This of course has a tremendous impact on promoting the venue's food / drink and entertainment programmes. Some venues make a revenue from this facility by charging local businesses for advertising space such as taxi companies.

Hi Low Cards - This is an excellent mid week game, which involves no knowledge from the participants, they simply guess whether the next card shown on your plasma screens will be higher or lower than the last card shown. You can play individually or in teams.

Settings - Allows the publican to lock out the system if required, using a security PIN number.

A free demonstration takes no longer than 30 minutes so there is literally nothing to lose.

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