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Jacob brings Smooth conductivity – inside and out

15 June 2009

JACOB (UK) has improved the appearance, conductivity and life of pipework systems with the introduction of its new powder coated pipes.

Being powder coated on both the internal and external surfaces, JACOB can offer a wide range of pipes having greater resistance to corrosion and scratches, excellent conductivity and food grade FDA certification.

Commenting on the launch of the new powder coated system, JACOB UK Director John West said: “The introduction of the JACOB powder coated pipe, marks a major step forward in pipework technology and offers huge benefits for pipework designers and process plant manufacturers, with a high grade long lasting finish that is resistant to corrosion and offers excellent conductivity, without the need for additional earthing straps”.

Greater conductivity
Process controlled powder coating of the internal bore and external diameter of the JACOB pipe guarantees better conductivity due to the enhanced capability of the coating to permit earthing continuity where there is danger of static ignition within the pipe. This is particularly important in ATEX applications and avoids the need for additional earthing lugs or cables.

Corrosion resistant
Using the latest automated powder coating plant with a 4-stage pre-treatment process, custom designed lances are inserted into the bore of the pipe to electrostatically coat the inside, with a similar process to powder coat the external surface. JACOB powder coated pipe resists corrosion and the coating will last much longer in comparison with other pipework finishes.

The standard colour is stone grey (RAL 7032) to match the existing JACOB products during the transition to the new powder coated pipe but customer specified colours will be available later this year, subject to quantity and delivery lead-time requirements.

Food Grade
An additional benefit of the new standard internal/external powder coating process is compliance with the FDA (Food and Dairy Administration) requirements for conveying food ingredients. When combined with the anti-corrosion benefits and enhanced conductivity of the new JACOB powder coated pipe, food manufacturers have a high specification and hard wearing pipework system designed for automated food processing plant.

Varied applications
Customer applications are varied but cover food processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, animal feeds, paper and building materials. All have come to rely on JACOB advanced technology in modular pipework systems for their various manufacturing processes, product delivery and extraction plant, recognising JACOB as number 1 for modular pipework systems.

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