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ASYS: effective automatic switching

15 June 2009

Competitive protection for dual power situations, rack mounted, automatic system for IT networks.

To guarantee the delivery of a no-break power supply, it is often necessary to switch a load from one power source to another. One example is when the main supply either fails or is no longer able to stay within the tolerances specified for the load.

The latest development in automatic transfer switch systems (ATS) from Socomec UPS, the ASYS, performs this function to optimum effect. Due to the characteristics that typify an ATS, changeover times are longer than those of a Static Transfer Switch (STS), quantifiable substantially at around a maximum of twenty milliseconds. The selection of an ASYS ATS can therefore be advantageous where power is being supplied to a load that can accommodate breaks of this type. This means, in practice, that whilst the STS continues to be essential for operating theatres or servers (or similar highly critical systems), a good quality ATS, such as the ASYS, will be compliant for an analysis laboratory or other such application where there is no patient safety risk.

The ASYS switch from Socomec UPS is rated 16 A and rack-mounted, at either 120 or 230V; with notably compact dimensions (1U - or 43.66 mm), this product is also suitable for installation in offices to protect computers where a dual power supply is effectively available on the premises. The product is easily installed in electrical equipment panels, by a qualified electrician. Optimized for basic applications, the ASYS automatic transfer switch is a highly reliable yet competitively priced component ideally suited for IT networks.

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