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Manitowoc EC compact ice machines are handy choice for pubs and smaller caterers

19 June 2009

The EC range of icemakers from Manitowoc is designed with smaller catering operations in mind. Intended from the start to be compact, these all-in-one machines produce very hard, crystal clear, 'octagonal cylinders' of slow-melting ice that doesn't 'clump'

As they are intended to fit tidily into bars or niches, the EC range have the vents in the front for both air intake and exhaust, with good insulation to prevent the machines ’sweating’. The storage bin has an up-and-over cover mechanism, which provides good access to the ice without taking up any extra space.

Their horizontal spray evaporator is a very efficient, reliable method for individual ice cube formation. The ice cubes themselves are extremely pure as any impurities in the water are removed before freezing.

No special tools are required for cleaning, all components are easy to remove and re-assemble within minutes. With both internal and external rounded corners there is nowhere for dirt to accumulate and bacteria to multiply, and the front has been 'sculpted' to look stylish when front of house.

Altogether there are five models in the EC series of ice machines with production ranging from 18kg per 24 hours for the 'baby' EC-18 - which can store up to 5kg at a time - to a production of 80kg daily and storage capacity of 45kg for the largest EC-80 model.

In the UK Manitowoc ice machines are distributed exclusively by Classeq, and the EC models all come with standard 2-year parts and 1-year labour guarantee. The full Manitowoc range includes the EC Series of spray-production machines, which make premium quality octagonal cubes; the S Series of modular machines with separate storage bins for high volume production; the Q Series of compact and under-counter machines with integral bins, and specialist products such as ice flaker machines.  Accessories include modular storage bins; ice dispensers; a range of dedicated water filters; and Manitowoc’s patented AuCS automatic cleaning system.

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