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High performance checkweighing for maximum OEE

24 June 2009

Mettler Toledo high performance Checkweighing webinar teaches how to maximise production line performance.

Ray Green, Product Manager AT METTLER TOLEDO will host the online seminar on Thursday 23 July at 10.15am and 2.15pm.

It seems that there are as many different ways to measure performance as there are companies. The most generally accepted performance indicator is OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness. OEE is an important tool in the pharmaceutical, packaging and food processing industries and it is a critical methodology to drive improved efficiency, higher quality and reduced cost.

The fact that a checkweigher is often used as the final piece of equipment in the production line, for the last check before despatch, makes it ideal for capturing valuable data when calculating OEE. 

The Seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Defining OEE & calculating performance
  • Key drivers that affect checkweighing OEE
  • Improving OEE… The payback
  • Sustaining success
  • Interactive Q&A session

To see how METTLER TOLEDO can help you to improve your OEE join us for an informative free presentation on how to use checkweighing to maximise productivity, performance and quality. Plus you will receive a Free copy of the OEE Guide when you register.

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