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100% Recyclable Polycarbonate from Harfield - the Greenest tableware available!

11 July 2019

Polycarbonate tableware is the greenest tableware on the planet and it's available from Harfield Components. It is long lasting, virtually unbreakable and 100% recyclable. Harfield Polycarbonate Tableware will save you money, help save the environment and best of all, it's MADE IN THE UK!

Sustainability is vitally important for us and so we are very pleased to announce that we are now launching a free recycling service for our customers.

Here, at Harfield, we always look for new, innovative ways to make our products as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Providing a greener tableware solution to our customers is a key aspect of our philosophy and we pride ourselves on assisting our customers with creating a more sustainable future.

If you would like to take advantage of this great service that will help you reduce your carbon footprint and therefore contribute to saving the environment, here is how it works:
We will offer a completely free collection if you spend £100 (ex VAT) or over on Harfield Tableware - this can be either purchased from us directly or via one of our distributors. We will ask you to provide a recent invoice.
Please e-mail us to request a recycling form to start the process.
Once you have completed the recycling form, advising us on how much there is to collect, when and where it will be ready for collection, we will arrange the collection with one of our couriers. The goods will be then returned to Harfield and we will send you a certificate.
For customers with larger amounts (over 50kg) to return from a central point, please contact us for further information.
•    We will only recycle products that have Harfield or Roltex names on the base. 
•    We will recycle all products with Harfield or Roltex name on the base, excluding Roltex laminate or polyester trays.
•    We do not recycle Kristallon or other brands of polycarbonate.
•    We do not recycle melamine or other types of plastic or kitchenware.
•    Non Harfield products will not be recycled and an invoice for £50 minimum would be raised for the delivered and non-recycled goods.
We will also happily accept goods to be returned to us without further purchasing more product. You are welcome to return goods to us to be recycled at your own cost.

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