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Tarkett puts in a Stella performance

24 June 2009

When choosing new flooring, it can be difficult to balance competing needs for good design and top performance, especially when budgets are restricted.

Tarkett now offers the ideal solution – Contract Stella. This very competitive compact heterogeneous vinyl flooring has been developed for all heavy traffic commercial areas such as healthcare, education, retail and social housing, combining outstanding value with superb performance.

The 0.7mm clear PVC wear layer gives very good resistance to indentation and abrasion, while the TopClean PUR Surface protection allows for easy cleaning and maintenance needing no wax or polish throughout the floorings' lifetime. Maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 30% and the consumption of water, energy and detergents used for cleaning is also minimised, helping to limit its environmental impact. Contract Stella has a Sanitized treatment that protects the floorcovering from premature ageing caused by microorganisms, and also gives hygiene benefits in sensitive areas.

In addition, with Contract Stella, you do not have to compromise on design. The range of colours are inspired by nature featuring mineral effects that give a timeless appearance and help to create an airy atmosphere. The simple colours and soothing pattern image can be used individually or in combination to allow for creative expression. Manufactured in 2m widths, Contract Stella is very flexible and easy to install, and the 9 colour options within Tarketts' Express Service range are readily available to meet customers’ needs.

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