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Megger helps trainees with their tests

29 June 2009

Trainees studying at two of Scottish Powers' training schools, are gaining invaluable experience with equipment and support material supplied by portable test equipment expert, Megger.

In addition, the company also provides practical product demonstrations that are a useful complement to the formal course material.

The Scottish Power Training schools based in Hoylake and Cumbernauld, make extensive use of Megger PAT4 testers in courses leading to the City & Guilds 2377 qualification in portable appliance (PAT) testing, and also use a range of specially produced educational posters from Megger for courses relating to testing in line with the BS7671, the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations.

Demonstrations provided for trainees by members of the Megger team not only cover PAT testing, but also other contractor requirements, including insulation, continuity, earth loop and RCD testing. All of the demonstrations make use of the most modern test equipment, ensuring that the trainees are ready to apply the latest developments in the field after they qualify.

“The support we receive from Megger is exceptional,” said Mark Lafferty, Scottish Power Training Manager for the Hoylake and Cumbernauld schools. “In particular, the local engineer is always ready to help us address any requirement we may have in relation to testing and the use of test instruments. I know that the students find this input from an industry expert to be extremely useful.”

“We are also very favourably impressed by the Megger products we use in our courses,” he continued. “The PAT4 testers, for example, are probably the most versatile instruments of their type – they allow tests to be fine tuned to suit specific requirements, and are capable of providing much more detailed results than an ordinary PAT tester.”

Scottish Power also finds Meggers' educational posters to be a valuable training aid. Using photographs of real wiring accessories and test instruments, together with explanatory notes, each of the posters in the series clearly illustrates a particular BS 7671/17th Edition.

“The large size of the posters, and the clear presentation makes them ideal for explaining test procedures to groups of trainees,” said Mark Lafferty, “and they save us a lot of time that we would otherwise have to spend in producing similar training material of our own. We have them on the walls throughout the training schools, and the trainees refer to them all the time.”

Megger is committed to helping with the training of the next generation of engineers and technicians and, as the experience of the Scottish Power training schools amply illustrates, is always ready to translate this commitment into useful and practical assistance.

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