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SEO Tips and Techniques for Content

04 September 2019

Whether it is on a web page or blog, having the right SEO content on it is important to your overall SEO ranking.

But do you know what you actually need to look for? If you are new to SEO then here is your cheat sheet on making sure you have your SEO content right the first time!

SEO Content Tips:

seo content quality
Like the building process of your website, you should make sure everything you are putting on your website is of high quality. Whether this is in the sort of images you are using on your website or the content you are writing; you need to make sure it has a certain quality to it.

When writing the content you need to make sure all of your web pages and blogs are well-written and adds some value to the readers you are trying to target. By making sure the content that is visible is right to the point, but can also allow your readers to learn something from it. This can be a blog discussing a topic your readers don’t know anything about or talking about the service you offer. When creating the content for your target audience, make sure it is relevant to your company and you aren’t drifting away from the subject that is being discussed.

SEO Content Research

When researching into things, you need to make sure you do it well. This is the same when you are researching into the different keywords/key phrases to use for web pages and blog posts. When trying to think of these keywords/ key phrases, you need to be in the mind of your target audience. You can do this by thinking:

what does your target audience want to pop up when they search on the search engine (e.g. Google, Bing)

what does your target audience type into a search engine to find your website/blog

If you know what exactly your target customers want then this will become an easy task for you to do. However, if you don’t then its time to start your research.

SEO Keywords

Yay! You have researched enough into finding the right keywords for your content. So what do you do next? Now you have to incorporate those chosen keywords within the body of text you are writing on your web page and blog. Remember, the quality of each section needs to be well-written and has relevance to the topic that is being discussed.

To boost your SEO ranking, did you know by having different types of media on your web pages and blogs can help? That’s right! By adding videos (a short clip or a gif) or even sounds can help your SEO. By including these into your content can make it more engaging for your target audience. This may have an effect on your bounce rate.

When adding content onto your web pages or researching for blog topics, make sure there is depth to the information you are putting up. Rather than having ‘thin’ or content that feels empty, make sure you bulk it up with the help of research, facts and content you know your readers will enjoy.

By having this type of content it will not allow your readers to learn but will also allow your readers to be more than likely to come back when they need help with something else.

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