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IACs' acoustic doors and windows furthering UK education

29 June 2009

Five educational establishments have invested in acoustic doors and windows from world leader IAC in a bid to create quieter learning environments.

Comber and Bangor High Schools in Northern Ireland have ordered a total of 37 acoustic doors between them, while Bristol Cathedral School is integrating 3 IAC doors and an acoustic window into their new four-storey music building. The £3m building has been designed by Narracott Oxford Mills Architects. Their Mark Holloway has extensive experience in design for Education; “When it came to specifying the doors and window for the recording studio and composing suite, Midas, the contractors, and myself both came up with IAC as our preferred supplier. Their reputation goes before them, and the doors’ good acoustic performance meant we were easily able to achieve the acoustic requirements for both spaces.”

Two additional customers include Latimer School in Hammersmith in London soon to receive an Acoustic Door and two windows, and the Open University in Milton Keynes. An IAC acoustic window is destined for the OU’s new Jennie Lee Building on the main campus. Much acclaimed architecturally, the building is set to achieve high level sustainability targets and will house cutting edge maths and computing research on the campus.

Kane Watkinson – Door and Windows Product Manager said:  “Over the years we have been a key supplier to schools of music practise rooms but now more and more are appreciating the role that acoustic doors can play in other parts of a campus to create a quieter learning environment. With the ‘Building Better Schools’ programme progressing well UK-wide, we are seeing increasing business in this sector.”

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