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Contemporary underfloor heating effective for traditional buildings

30 June 2009

Underfloor Heating Supplies Ltd has recently supplied suspended floor and plated underfloor heating systems for the renovation of a church hall into six modern apartments.

The Old Methodist Church Hall in Stourbridge previously had a gas fired boiler system with cast iron radiators, however an aesthetically pleasing alternative to radiators was necessary within the new contemporary space.

The Komfort system was specified to provide a heat effective solution for the high ceilings in the building, particularly for the first floor apartments in which a second balcony floor was constructed in the additional ceiling space. Underfloor heating is effective in buildings with high ceilings such a churches, public halls and period homes as the low surface temperature radiates heat upwards slowly to a height of approximately 2 metres.

A total of 280m² of the Underfloor Heating Supplies Ltd Floating Floor was installed in the three flats on the ground floor, as well as 20m² of the same system to each of the balconies within the first floor. The plated system was installed on an area of 280m² on the first floor. Colin Hanson, Developer for the project said, “After removing all internal features of the old church hall, leaving only the external walls, a heating system that would be flexible with room layouts and compatible with all types of floor covering was required. Underfloor Heating Supplies Ltd provided an informative and personal service and were brilliant to work with. We are extremely pleased with the end result.”

The plated underfloor heating system is suitable for application where suspended timber floors are to be installed without raising the floor level. To accommodate this, aluminium heat conduction panels are fitted between the joists and stapled into place. Underfloor pipe is run in the plate channels in a snake pattern, with the pipe turning between the joists at one end and through a notch cut into a joist at the other.

In the floating floor system insulation panels, manufactured in EPS 100 polystyrene and measuring 1200mm x 800mm, are laid onto the existing surface with DPC membrane below. Underfloor 17mm heating pipe is laid into the panels and held in place by profiled channels. A reinforced aluminium membrane, bonded to one side of the panel, acts as a heat conductor. This system is especially beneficial where dry finishes are required as chipboard flooring can then be laid directly onto the underfloor heating system, reducing construction time as no drying or curing out period is necessary.

All Komfort heating systems supplied by Underfloor Heating Supplies Ltd have high quality recyclable pipes fitted as standard and come with a 30 year guarantee. These German-made polyethelene raised temperature barrier pipes stop the ingress of oxygen into the heating system and are fully recyclable at the end of life.

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