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NDC launches new Infrared Sensor

09 July 2009

NW710 designed for simultaneous moisture and basis weight measurement of spunbond nonwovens.

NDC announces the availability of a novel non-nuclear sensor that can simultaneously measure both Basis Weight and Residual Moisture of Polypropylene Spunbond and SMS Nonwoven fabrics. The Model NW710 sensor is designed to a performance standard that meets or exceeds the exacting requirements for the measurement of basis weight and trace moisture levels in spunbond nonwoven applications.

The NW710 is ideal for measuring a variety of basis weights from 8gsm Spunbond to 90gsm SMS. In addition, the NW710 precisely measures residual moisture levels, making it a highly efficient and essential tool in maintaining product parameters at specification. As product quality and material usage are important aspects of the spunbond nonwoven process, the NW710 is invaluable in controlling the basis weight variation for optimal web formation and quality.

The NW710 builds on NDCs' industry-leading expertise in NIR measurement technology to provide unique capabilities for the nonwovens producer. The NW710 takes advantage of proprietary light filtration and detection techniques to provide precise, concurrent measurement of product basis weight and residual moisture level. Integrated air-purge systems and sensor status monitors assure optimized sensor performance over the long term regardless of ambient conditions. Since the NW710 sensor is non-nuclear, it requires no special licensing and is user-serviceable.

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