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New compact geared motor with double brake from RA Rodriguez

09 July 2009

The Compacta slip-on geared motors, manufactured by Framo Morat and distributed in the UK by R. A. Rodriguez, are ideal for repeatable positioning and reversing tasks in stage technology.

Their power to weight ratio is extremely high. They are also lightweight, quiet running and exceptionally reliable and the designs' integral and easily adjustable mechanical limit switch contributes to the products' exceptional flexibility.

The Compacta AG60 and MR30 models are now available with a double brake to meet the industrys' stringent safety standards. These products are ideal for powering the movement of stage curtains, lighting and stage elements. As its name suggests Compacta is ideal where space is at a premium. Its smaller dimensions and the low weight are achieved by the use of a spur and worm gear transmission combined with performance-optimised motors.  

Models in the range are up to 10kg lighter than nearest competitors with the same output torque and speed. The ‘Compacta’ also provides 22 output speed options by comparison with the maximum of three available on alternatives and its motor choices offer a wide range of power and duty cycles. The range can also be equipped with ESA electronic limit switches with up to 10 set points and 2 end positions. These are easy to programme, provide an absolute encoder signal and therefore ensure precise positioning and repeatability.

The modular design of ‘Compacta’ allows easy customisation from standard parts. As each ‘Compacta’ can be optimised for its specific task it is easy to install and there is generally no need for additional drive components.

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