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IP64 rated de-frost / anti-waxing Thermostats

26 July 2007

For anti-frost (anti-waxing) applications and accurate temperature control, nothing competes commercially and technically with the Matsuo range of thermostats. Their unique twin-bimetal system creates a control that is capable of switching over 1 million

These thermostats can be easily incorporated into trace-heating systems and are available with accuracies as small as ±1.5K with differentials down to 3K±1K. Thus very accurate, long-term control can be guaranteed using a Matsuo thermostat.
They are totally sealed from the outside environment with an IP64-rated PBT housing. Calibrations from -10°C to +110°C are available and loads upto 3A/250VAC (0.8A/48VDC) can be switched. N/C, N/O and “change-over” (S.P.D.T.) contacts together with various termination options make for a very flexible custom thermostat.

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