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"3 in 1" version of Gas Mixer now available from Witt

10 July 2009

Witt, the gas safety, control, mixing and analysis equipment supplier has announced that their KM 2/3M gas mixers are now available as “3 in 1” versions.

The new mixers produce a fully automated system that proportionally controls the gas flow on packaging lines to maintain a residual oxygen value which can reduce gas consumption by up to 30%.

These new versions have been specifically designed for users of flow packs in the packaging industry to continuously and automatically monitor and adjust the O2 percentage in flow packs directly on the packaging line. They make the packaging process simpler by having the option of up to 3 specific gas controls and mixing systems in one unit.

The user has the option to integrate a KD100 gas flushing controller and the recently launched ‘MAPY’ gas analyser into the KM 2/3M Gas Mixer to produce a “3 in 1” system in one location taking up less space and reducing the amount of cabling needed on the packaging line.

The 2/3M series of KM gas mixers into whose housings these two units can be integrated is a gas mixing system for 2 or 3 defined gases having a capacity range up to approximately 700NI/min.

MAPY 4.0, is an ergonomically designed, portable, multifunction O2/CO2 gas analyser with a touch screen control, USB and Ethernet capability for use on Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) lines featuring the option of an integrated printer and/or barcode scanner.

The KD100 gas flushing system allows modified atmospheres that keep food fresh in packaging or in warehouses to be produced more cost effectively. It uses a new zirconia sensor having a measuring range of 0-25% with +/- 0.2% repeatability. Fluctuations of up to 0.01% can be registered and taken into consideration when flushing. It is a fully automatic, electronic flow control system, which can reduce gas consumption by up to 30%.

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