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Weatherproof LED Sign: the Ultra 580 - ideal for use in the wind and rain

13 January 2020

The “Ultra 580” is Lasermet’s latest IP66 rated LED sign specifically designed for outside use.

Being tested and rated to IP66, it measures 580mm wide 178mm high and is regarded as a highly prestigious and smart, professional LED sign.   

Available as either a single message, single colour, or as a dual colour, dual message sign, the Ultra 580 IP66 can provide virtually any single colour graphic and language option.

Suitable for exterior use this low voltage sign requires just 24VDC.  

The IP66 rating to BS60529 means it is protected against powerful water jets and is dust-tight - ideal for use in the wind and rain.  

The high-brightness LEDs ensure the sign is readable in strong sunlight.  

Mounting bracket options are available for single facing or dual aspect signs, in addition to direct wall mounting.   

Lasermet’s Ultra LED signs are available in many colours - the most popular being the dual message sign where one message is shown in green and the second message is shown in red.

These unique signs are designed and manufactured only by Lasermet in the UK. All messages are secret until lit.

Visit for further details and to see the LED signs changing from Red to Green.

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