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Energy saving roof lights from Twinfix

15 July 2009

Lightweight, easy to install, sustainable roof lights tick all the boxes for sustainability.

The roof lights consist of a powder coated aluminium frame, glazed with virtually unbreakable multiwall polycarbonate, both of which can be recycled at the end of their life span. 25mm multiwall polycarbonate has a great light transmission and is opaque to infra red. This results in infra-red heat being retained inside a building, helping to cut down on energy usage/costs.

25mm multiwall has a great U value, so once again, it helps to cut down on energy costs. Individual panels can span 4000mm at 1250mm centres, which means less glazing bars, more natural light ingress and reduced energy usage/costs. Quick to fit Multi-Link-Panels are also available in a Non-Fragile option, and are manufactured to size for individual projects. The aluminium framework is available in a range of popular RAL colours and you can choose from a selection of different multiwall glazing options.

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