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Avaya Index. A new telephone system

11 February 2020

Installed for under £1,000 + Fix utility bills for up to 5 years

Yes – a fully refurbished system as good as new!
The system will include 20 digital handsets (10 with full display) and analogue line extension capability. It will also have ISDN (BRI2 or EPRI30) connectivity, line extension capability plus will include FULL Integrated Voice and automatic answering with almost unlimited menus and voice mail boxes as standard.  We will also supply a 48 way patch panel including am phenol cables and line cables (either BT or RJ45)

The above quotation includes full installation up to the patch panel and we will include full testing and staff training on the system use.  If you want extensions over the entire office area, we will gladly quote for this work or you may use your own engineers for additiona; cabling.

We are highly professional and have worked with this system for over 25 years.  We have some massive contracts in London and even maintain a large airport in Southern England.  Although we are one of the largest holders of 2nd user AVAYA INDeX equipment in the UK, we still offer Cloud products, fibre, broadband etc.

Historically we have supplied INDeX equipment to many countries in Europe. Now, however, we are supplying in bulk to West Africa.  This has necessitated us offering instant online support and programming.  We are also developing a training support package for both our clients’ customers and their engineers, this, together with a spares pack.  This has now pushed us into offering similar packs and maintenance services to companies in this country.

The bane of every Finance Directors life when it comes to budgeting for the next financial year is ALWAYS the variable cost.  If he.she can fix telecoms, gas and electricity costs for upto 5 years then that is a massive benefit.  If you have any interest in all or part of this unique deal, please call us and we will explain how it works and what the cost to you would be.

Call 01189 697712 or 07785 988477 anytime and ask for  David Girling


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