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Vulcadur chemical resistant sheet is economical and easy to machine

21 July 2009

Vulcascots' industrial grey PVC sheet is an excellent material for use in the fabrication industry, particularly for lining or cladding chemical tanks, due to its chemical corrosion resistance and its excellent fabrication and formability properties.

Adding to the superiority of this material Vulcadur Grey PVC also has a class one fire rating and is self extinguishing. PVC sheet has a very low moisture absorption level which means that components will remain stable in damp or even wet atmospheric conditions.

Vulcadur Grey PVC sheet is the first choice for general purpose fabrication as the material is easy to machine and economical to use. For prototype projects, this material is ideal as it can be easily bonded with most general purpose adhesives. For battery containers the material is a popular choice due to the acid resistant characteristics. Vulcadur is also an excellent electrical insulator.

Easily formed by applying moderate heat and bending to shape, the finished components should then be allowed to cool. The material can be reheated to make any adjustments. Available in 2440x1220mm sheet size and all popular  thicknesses from 3mm - 25mm.

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