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Restoring stopped clocks are steps in Good Directions

21 July 2009

Good Directions Ltd has announced its' partnership with the popular movement, The Stopped Clocks Foundation.

The partnership is aimed at identifying and recording Public Clocks that are stopped or have not been working for many years and to look into ways and means of bringing them back to life again. Les Kirk, leading clock restoration expert of Good Directions Ltd, has over 35 years experience of working with all types of public, tower and turret clocks and has always been passionate about his trade. His accumulated knowledge of clock making has been used to service, repair and restore many hundreds of public clocks throughout the UK. This expertise is now going to be teamed up with the enthusiasm and drive of Alfie Dennen who originally set up after becoming increasingly aware and concerned about the number of prominent public clocks throughout London that were seen to be not working.

Alfies' intention was to create awareness and also compile the first comprehensive listing of all the stopped public clocks in the UK. This has been a huge success with many regular contributors adding a remarkable number of ‘sites’ to the list and Alfie is now delighted to take it one stage further. Alfie believes clocks are a poignant marker of our passage through time; “Public clocks are at once thoroughly practical devices which serve our need to plan where we need to be, and are sentimental cornerstones of our lives. When a clock is stopped, one which we might pass every day, it is a reminder of our rich and recent history, of the disconnect we have with our heritage, a visceral reminder that we are now firmly in a digital age. Public clocks are so much more than simply time keeping devices. At Good Directions we are often contacted by people who not only want to see their neighbourhood clock telling the correct time but also renovated as a marker for the regeneration in their community and care for their surroundings and local heritage. Clocks are also, in their own right, remarkable, interesting and vital pieces of civic architecture, often indicative of historical changes to the layout of towns and cities and have to be worth restoring for future generations to enjoy.”

Good Directions has spent the last 20 years building a reputation as a market leader in the design, construction, installation and restoration of exterior clocks and clock towers with recent projects including clocks in Leicester Square and St Ethelburgas church in London, Warwick Castle and Southampton Docks as well as some notable private residences.

“Good Directions is thrilled to have found a like minded enthusiast in Alfie” says Les, “and we are looking forward to working together in our common cause to provide a solution and bring life back into these clocks.” Alfie agrees; “I am so pleased and excited to be working with Good Directions. Together we aim to achieve a lasting result for the public good, to help us re-discover our heritage, and enrich the shared communal spaces around us.”

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