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Avaya INDeX systems continue working

23 July 2009

Despite scaremongering from telecoms salesmen that disaster would strike when Avaya withdrew support for the INDeX platform, it is rumoured that countless systems are still working all over the UK.

The system has more features than any one company could ever use to its full potential and is still going strong after nearly 2 months unsupported by Avaya. With the support that many companies like RBM Voice & Data Consultancy offer, it is probable that they will continue to work for many, many years to come.

The companies who made the wise decision to stay with their trusty INDeX are now reaping the benefits of low maintenance costs, low spare part costs and low refurbishing and repairs costs unlike those who dived into the Voip panic and now suffer high maintenance costs, questionable audio quality and possibly a hefty quarterly lease payment to make.

It has been suggested that RBM Voice & Data Consultancy  might be slightly biased in favour of the INDeX system. We asked the owner David Girling if there was any truth in that statement and he said “It’s amazing what some people will say, just because I specialize in anything to do with INDeX and refuse to touch any of the modern . . . .  “  Regrettably, as we were using a VoiP system, we missed the final part of his statement.

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