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Updates on the "CLOUD and RBM"

23 March 2020

Abd how this can save you money on homeworkers costs

If you have ANY possible interest in this latest technology for your future telephony requirements, this article will be of interest to you.

Our website now includes not only this great simple summary but a fully detailed information pack of everything you require to make the decision (Copy below)
“Should we go this route or not”

To access this information, click on the link below snd then click on the button at the bpttpm of the opening summary (page)

What do we supply?
The handset programmed to either your company number or your DDI number or both.

A fibre (if available) VOICE ONLY broadband line with necessary router(s), Wifi etc and of course the training.
All other information available from our website.  
Either the main location - http://www.
or “Cloud” link -

Or call Freephone - 08000 093 053
And ask for Davis Girling 07785 988477

RBM has its head in the “CLOUD”

We are still one of the leading suppliers of AVAYA INDeX guaranteed 2nd user equipment in the UK, but have teamed up with the FIDELITY GROUP to market, supply, install and maintain the cutting edge telephone system that requires NO PBX system.

You DO NOT require:
A PBX system; a maintenance contract; ISDN or/and DDI numbers; PSTN lines. This gives you an immediate monthly saving.

We supply you with:
A CISCO desktop handset that each user can programme themselves and take to another desk, or office or indeed, anywhere in the world they wish to go to. All calls from anywhere will show your company phone number and will NOT be subject to roaming charge. .You can either use the company address book, voicemail and/or auto attendant messages or personalise your own messages and personal address book. You can even select your own Music on Hold if you wish. You can even be a part of a group or divert to your mobile. There is an APP available so that youcan re-programme your phone if required and take your desk calls on the move.

What do we supply?
The handset programmed to either your company number or your DDI number or both. A fibre (if available) VOICE only broadband line with necessary router(s), Wifi, etc and of course the training.

What are the costs?
A small payment for each handset plus a small rental charge. There will be a rental for the broadband with possibly an installation charge for the broadband. Many call costs are non-chargeable. 9/10 companies save compared to traditional PBX systems.

Who is this for?
Primarily small to medium sized companies. It is particularly valuable for companies with several offices – here or abroad and also a business that uses home workers as all calls for each location can be analysed by the many reporting functions that are incorporated within the software.

What do we need?
An hour of your time to demonstrate how it would work in your organisation. A copy phone bill would be helpful but it is not essential. This service is free of charge so please call us on:
08000 093 053
For details of the cloud services



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