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Low voltage electronic transformer from Lightsafe

24 July 2009

The model ERFTR Electronic Transformer from Lightsafe provides low voltage (70W) halogen lighting.

A qualified electrician is required to install and make connections to the transformers and low voltage light fittings and ensure the wattage of the lamps do not exceed the rating of any one output, or that the total wattage does not exceed the load rating of the transformer.

Overloading the transformer can cause it to get too hot, so there is a thermal overload protection to prevent this from happening. The transformer is compatible with leading edge or trailing edge phase control dimmers, has a preheat function to protect against current surge, a secondary side short circuit protection and an integral in-line fuse to ensure complete safety at end of life.

The Loop in/Loop out requires no additional junction box. Lightsafe transformers safety and performance comply in accordance with EN61046 and RFI (radio frequency interference) suppression in accordance with EN55015.

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