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Using Hydraulic Power Packs Effectively

18 May 2020

For those required to use any kind of hydraulic equipment you may wish to consider something other than built-in power sources.

Not only can they be prone to issues, but often only capable of powering the one hydraulics system. With this in mind, many companies are investigating the benefits of hydraulic power packs as an alternative.

Hydraulic power packs are the ideal go-to choice for ensuring the power of numerous objects on-time, with the right kind of power setting. Multiple hydraulic appliances have the ability to function from a single power pack at any one time. This method offers a simple and mobile option whilst ensuring power does not run out.

How does a hydraulic power pack work?

Hydraulic power packs work in a specific manner. Made up of numerous fresh components, each one allows for a different purpose. The main component is the hydraulic reservoir, the solution that holds the hydraulic fluid required to make operation possible. This is an essential part of the power pack.

Regulators also play a major role in making sure the correct pressure levels are delivered. They have a variety of pressure supply and relief lines; the kind that can supply fluid under a lot of pressure to the pump. This means valves and pumps can share the load, avoiding too much pressure enforced on any one component within the system.

The pump and motor also play an intrinsic part, forcing fluids from the reservoir to the inlet line. From the inlet, it’s a simple case of being pumped. The motor powers the pump, and this means the job itself becomes relatively straightforward from this point onwards.

Are hydraulic power packs a standard item?

Whilst standard sizes suit particular purposes, a bespoke hydraulic power pack may be required. Our team at MCH Hydraulics have the knowledge and ability to create a one off unit, designed to exact specifications. Through the design and development process, quality control measures are followed and tested throughout.

From standard to a bespoke hydraulic power pack, we have the experience to deliver exactly what you need.  


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