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Microsoft SharePoint demystified by DMC Software seminars

30 July 2009

DMC Software has completed the first series of planned events that aim to demystify the enigma that is Microsoft SharePoint.

Nik Smith, marketing manager of DMC Software said, “The events were a great success, with high uptake for both the physical and web based seminars. The feedback from attendees has been excellent so far and we have already published dates for the next series of events".

 “SharePoint is a great business solution that can provide all businesses with a broad range of possibilities. With the support of Microsoft, we are enjoying the chance to show businesses just how they can start to leverage features and functionality from the products they already own. The team from Microsoft who we work alongside have a clear roadmap for development and never before have we been able to answer ‘yes’ so often to questions presented.”

Microsoft SharePoint provides users with a solution to a variety of common business issues. On a basic level SharePoint enables easy management of corporate documentation facilitating data exchange across departmental and geographical boundaries.

At a more advanced level SharePoint can be used to unify disparate business systems and produce comprehensive business intelligence. Moreover, SharePoint technology that comes as part of the Windows Server product. This means that many businesses have SharePoint functionality at their finger tips that is not being utilised.

DMC Software employ a number of SharePoint specialists that can help organisations harness the power of SharePoint technology by gradually integrating it with existing business systems and processes.