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Energy audits – the key to good energy management and cost control

19 July 2020

Do you know how much energy your business currently uses and where it is used?

Due to the impact of Covid19 your energy usage may have changed significantly. Your employees may be working from home or in shifts with different hours than previously. Have you adjusted the settings for your heating, cooling and ventilation systems to match this new way of working?

Is your business in manufacturing or process industries which have modified their product output to meet changing demand patterns? This may create opportunities for reduced energy consumption and lower costs which can be identified through an audit of your current energy consumption.

As business come out of lockdown more staff will return to work but employers will be required to ensure the working environment is safe by minimising the risk of infection by the coronavirus. Customers will also need reassurance your premises are safe. This may require increased ventilation rates for example which has the potential to increase future energy demand and hence costs.

By auditing you current energy demand pattern and comparing with historic data we can help your business to adjust to the new working environment in the most cost effective manner

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