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Evac+Chair Emergency Escape keeps Worcestershire NHS up to date

31 July 2009

Evac+Chair International has just supplied more emergency stairway evacuation chairs to Worcestershire NHS to ensure the organisation remains compliant with current fire risk audit recommendations.

Evac+Chairs were already in place at Worcestershire NHS across its hospitals, health centres and office buildings following an initial fire risk assessment that said it was essential to have a way of getting people with reduced mobility out of buildings with more than one storey in an emergency.

Now with over 100 buildings, a fresh audit was carried out by a Worcestershire NHS fire risk consultant to check there were the right number of chairs in high priority buildings. The outcome involved relocating some of the existing chairs as well as purchasing some more for other buildings.

Tracy Baker, Health & Safety & Local Security Management Specialist for Worcestershire NHS said; “Evac+Chairs were recommended to us by our fire risk consultant for being easy-to-use. As a company, Evac+Chair International also offers comprehensive back up support which is important to us.”

Evac+Chairs enable one person to transport another downstairs and on the flat quickly and safely, without hindering other stairway users. They offer a smooth and controlled stairway descent and can be used on stairways up to an angle of 40°. The chairs carry a payload of up to 150kg but at the same time are lightweight and easy to operate requiring no great physical strength.

For large multi-site organisations, Evac+Chairs' Key Trainer Masterclass© programme is a useful and cost-effective method of sharing information. It enables trainers to cascade the training to others in accordance with Evac+Chairs' approved Code of Practice.

The companys' nationwide ServiCare© inspection and maintenance programme also ensures that companies and organisations continue to remain compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act and the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998).

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