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Brady provides permanent labelling for Microscope Slides

03 August 2009

Brady Stainerbondz™ labels provide microscopists with crisp, clear, long-term sample identification. They offer superb resistance to chemicals from Acetone to Xylene and will endure a wide variety of laboratory staining protocols, such as deparraffinisatio

These labels, when printed with the  Brady R6400 thermal transfer ribbon, shows superior chemical resistance in the slide staining process and other laboratory procedures involving solvents and aggressive chemicals. They are suitable for use with the commonly used H & E (haematoxylin and eosin) slide staining process.

Stainerbondz slide labels are not only resistant to laboratory chemicals but able to withstand temperatures from -80ºC to 130ºC, so can be used in microwave ovens, water baths or can even be autoclaved. Long-term sample storage of samples has no effect on label adhesion or print legibility. Bradys' laboratory identification products have been developed by scientists for scientists, to meet the challenges of secure labelling in the laboratory environment.

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