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Optex extends BoundaryGard range with GSM capability

05 August 2009

In line with demand for increased functionality and flexibility, Optex Europe is upgrading its BoundaryGard series detectors with a new GSM capability.

BoundaryGard GSM detectors can be configured to send message alerts for alarm events, arming and disarming configuration, auto tests, system status and low battery warnings. Other features include selectable automatic arm & disarm time zones, remote arming and disarming with up to 10 contacts via text message or email, and variable battery life for up to three years in the field. They are ideal for temporary security requirements such as void property protection.

The GSM solution is available as an integrated GSM and detector solution or can be configured separately to allow multi detector connection to a single GSM device. It is suitable for connection with other auxiliary devices like the BoundaryGard BG EE420R wireless receiver or other similar devices. It can be armed and disarmed via the key fob supplied or via the programmable daily auto arm/disarm feature as well as any arm/disarm schedules. A downloadable 100 event log report can also be accessed from the device.

Paul Nicholas, Sales Manager for Optex Europe said; “The BoundaryGard GSM detectors extend the already proven, market leading technology of the range. It is suitable for a variety of sites including the most remote and with the text or email alert function, can be controlled and accessed from off site. After 30 years of leading the field with our range of detectors, Optex is still advancing and improving its portfolio.”

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