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06 August 2009

Mettler Toledos' Floor Scale with new lifting device is easy to use and clean.

Space is often at a premium in goods in/out areas. Scales are often not needed at certain times of the day. In addition, forklift truck drivers may accidentally drive over the scales and damage them. This is not even an issue with the PUA floor scale which Simply swings up and out of the way.

The smooth swing-up mechanism is solid and works reliably. The scale can be reliably swung up and back down several times a day over several years. The lateral dampers allow the unit to be swung down safely and also make it easier to lift the unit back up. The entire lifting and lowering mechanism conforms to the machine guideline 98/37EC.

Thanks to its flat design with a height of just 35 mm or 45 mm, the PUA scale is perfect for simple passes.  The products to be weighed can be placed onto the scale both quickly and easily. Rocker feet ensure optimum force transmission into the load cell at all times. Any risk of distortion after the PUA platform has been lowered is thereby eliminated.

The scale continues to measure precisely even after being swung up and down countless times. The rocker feet allow the weighing platform to be moved laterally to its safety end stops. This securely prevents any damage to the load cell due to lateral shearing forces which might occur when loads are forcefully loaded onto the scale. Not all commercially available scales are protected from these shearing forces.

Certified to IP68, EHEDG, GMP, these rugged stainless steel scales are designed for heavy wash down and are available in a variety of sizes and free size dimensions. A wide range of accessories are available to compliment these scales, supplying you with a scale to meet your demands.

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