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Preparing your office for Return to Work – Let us help!

12 November 2020

Following the challenge of transitioning and supporting an entire workforce to work from home in an incredibly short space of time, comes the challenge of how to safely return those home workers to the office.

OMI can help you plan to ensure the safety and security of your employees and ease their concerns about returning to the workplace
  • We can assist in setting up your office space in a socially distanced way, ensuring that Government guidelines are met at all times.
  • We can help you review layouts to allow employees to work further apart from each other rearranging desks to avoid face to face working
Our services cover the following:
  • Securely Packing of personal desk items
  • Cleansing desks/computers/keyboards
  • Marking out floor areas (taping) ensuring social distances are kept at all times.
  • Storing unnecessary furniture/reception items/boardroom tables to ensure space is used in the most effective way
  • Off-site storage to ensure maximum space is utilised.
All our staff adheres to the Government Guidelines – please call us today - returning to work is possible and OMI is only too happy to help

We look forward to hearing from you!

We obviously, are also able to carry out any moves to new sites if your company has decided to relocate.

With over 25 years of experience within the commercial removals industry, we can apply our expertise to ensure any move is carried out with care and effiency and fully compiling with Govenments Covid guidelines

You are safe in our Hands !

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