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Weidmüllers' solid-state relay

07 August 2009

Weidmüller's new solid-state relay Microopto valve switch for controlling inductive loads.

Extremely high 10 A switching capacity at 55 °C – design width of just 6 mm. Error indication through auxiliary contact. Short-circuit proof and equipped with extensive protective circuitry.

Weidmüller’s new solid-state relays MICROOPTO valve switches serve as switch amplifiers to control inductive loads such as solenoid valves or contactors - up to 24 VDC / 10 A. The modules switch the maximum switching current of 10 A across the full temperature range up to 55 °C – and that being housed in an extremely compact design width of just 6 mm.

The MICROOPTO valve switch is ideally suited to be deployed as a switch amplifier downstream of controller outputs or control modules (mostly 24 VDC, 0.1-0.5 A). A current sensor monitors the output for errors such as short circuits and overload. Thanks to the integrated short-circuit protection and extensive protective circuitry, the module is eminently suitable for use in robust applications in industrial environments where a long service life and reliability are top priority.

When an error occurs, a potential-free signalling contact provides the controls with feedback – the machine can switch to a safe mode and the error can be rectified. Pluggable cross-connectors (ZQV 4N) ensure that connecting the supply voltage is fast and uncomplicated. All housings are sealed to IP20 and are designed to be snapped onto TS35 mounting rails. A green LED indicates that the relay is operating correctly and a red LED provides visual indication of a fault in the output circuit.

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