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Traka exetnds iFob application for Holland Flower Auction

13 August 2009

Monitoring and recording vehicle utilisation using the Traka Immobilisor Data Logger.

Many organisations require the ability to record more accurately the effective use of their MHE fleet in order to assist with service and maintenance scheduling.  Time and money is often spent on servicing vehicles that do not actually warrant a service because they have not been used, perhaps sitting idle in a warehouse for long periods of time.  Unlike the servicing of your car, where a service is carried out based upon the distance it has travelled, often MHE equipment is simply serviced at periodic intervals, e.g. every 3 months.  This is far from cost effective.

As an existing customer, The Flower Auction in Amsterdam, Holland, approached Traka because they were having precisely these issues.  They were spending a fortune on servicing vehicles that often didn’t need servicing.  Having already trialled Traka’s key management solution on 10 vehicles for restricting access to only authorised personal, it seemed a natural extension of the application.  Using the iFob Per Person application Traka were already controlling precisely who has access to these vehicles so it should be possible to produce a utilisation report on their entire fleet that showed comparatively, how often each vehicle had been used.  With such a report, they could schedule the service and maintenance of a vehicle based on utilisation instead of at fixed periodic intervals.

Proposed Solution
Each vehicle at the Flower Auction is already fitted with a drive pedal that activates a N/O micro-switch connected directly to the battery positive terminal.   It was proposed that if the Traka Data Logger could detect when the pedal switch was depressed, it could accumulate the ‘actual’ drive minutes for the vehicle.  This would provide a more accurate indication as to the vehicles utilisation.

The drive minutes would be collected by the User iFob as normal.  The Immobilisor Usage report in Traka32 would indicate the drive hours/minutes.  The system administrator could then use this report to determine which vehicles are required to be serviced.   It was agreed that initially Traka would provide 3 Data Loggers for trial on 3 vehicles.

Immobilisor Usage Chart
The Immobilisor usage chart displays the total number of minutes recorded for each vehicle.  This is the report the system administrator will use to determine when a vehicle requires a service.  When vehicle reaches X hours, the vehicle will be sent for service.

At present it is not possible to set trigger points so as to automatically send a notification when a vehicle passes X no. of hours, although this could be a desirable feature to include in the future.  Secondly it could be useful to run a report to display only vehicles that require a service (i.e. vehicles that have accumulated X no. of hours).

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