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Railcar and Transit markets Standard Steel operations improved with Wheelabrator Shot Peening technology

28 August 2009

Standard Steel based in Burnham, Pa, has had many name changes over the years but the one thing that has remained constant for the forged steel wheel specialists for North American railcars and locomotives, is the quality.

Standard Steel were already using two older Shot Peening machines from Wheelabrator, before contacting Jay Benito at the Altrincham, UK based company in 2004 to discuss replacement of their equipment. Standard Steel wanted to modernise their daily operations with an up-to-date maintenance friendly system to replace one of their machines.

The decision was taken to purchase a new 2 wheel Shot Peening machine taking the companys' existing facility and pit parameters into consideration. In 2007, a repeat order was made to replace the second machine following an increase in production and to keep up with demand. With both new machines, the company has achieved a reduction not only in maintenence costs but also in cycle times.

Modern passenger train cars require forged steel wheels for improved safety and these wheels are shot peened to a specified industry standard for improved resistance to fatigue cracking under rolling stresses. The process of shot peening extends the overall lifespan of the wheels.

Standard Steel Project Manager, Jeffrey L. Richardson said; “The two new machines have not only significantly reduced maintenance costs, but have also reduced downtime and have easily kept pace with an approximate 30 percent increase in wheel productivity.”

The machines are equipped to run for multiple shifts with machine production at approximately 60 forged wheels per hour. Both machines continue to be important contributors to Standard Steels' daily operations, meeting their customers’ cleaning requirements.

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