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Makeover for Environs' Anti-Ageing Colostrum Supplement

28 August 2009

Environ Skin Cares' natural anti-ageing supplement Envirocol has undergone a name change and a makeover whilst retaining the usual benefits.

ENrich is the new name for Environs' oral supplement, which contains dairy colostrum, rich in immune factors and growth factors, plus vitamins B1, B2, B6 and folic acid, the perfect complement to external skincare routines. ENrich is based on worldwide research, which suggests that dairy colostrum can significantly slow the rate at which the human bodys' immune system and cell regeneration process decline with age, boosting vitality and resistance to disease.

Colostrum is natures' perfect first food and has been used over centuries to promote and maintain good health including a more nourished and youthful skin. It energises the complexion from the inside out, stimulating cell and tissue growth, revitalising and regenerating tired or ageing skin.

Supplementing the diet with ENrich gives wide ranging benefits, helping to boost and strengthen the immune system as well as managing and reducing viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Substantial research also suggests it can significantly benefit those with allergic and auto-immune disorders, muscle wasting, peptic ulcers, depression, trauma and obesity.

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