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12v Hotpad for Food Transport Boxes

19 October 2021

The Carbon Heater® HotPAD heating systems from Catering EDquipment Ltd combine the flexibility of passive heating plates with the advantages of active thermophores. The HotPAD system is not permanently connected to the Thermobox and can be moved from one box to the other as required.

• No preheating required Fast heating due to carbon technology with 99.99% efficiency.
• Automatic temperature control The temperature is controlled fully automatically at 75 ° C; additional monitoring is not required.
• Temperature-resistant up to 120 ° C. Hot GN containers or trays can be placed on the heater without first cooling down.
• Lightweight and space-saving The HotPAD heating system weighs just 700g and is a total of 10mm flat and therefore does not affect the transport, the volume, or the filling height of a box.
• Quick and easy cleaning All Carbon Heater® HotPAD heaters are IP67 splash-proof and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
• Car type lighter plug FITTED
Keeping food warm according to HACCP

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